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About Me

Welcome to my blog!


Crafty Hands is a creative lifestyle blog, founded in 2010, with a focus on DIY, travel, family, and empowering women to find and create loveliness in their everyday. Since its inception, the Lovely Indeed brand has expanded to include digital courses, consulting, creative workshops, speaking engagements, brand ambassadorship, and more. Known for its bright, fun, friendly style, Lovely Indeed has partnered with brands like Target, West Elm, Old Navy, HP, and Munchkin to create and share fresh content. The site has been featured in various print and online media.

Meet the Author

Hi, I’m Jessica. I’m a maker from way back when, and my mom still has the macaroni necklaces to prove it. These days, I make different things — I make a home for myself and my husband, I make cute babies, I make music, I make things with my hands, I make connections in my community (online and IRL), I make people feel empowered to create loveliness in their everyday. And then I make you read about it all right here. Suckers.

A little more about me: I’m an adventurer at heart, and I love exploring beautiful places, eating good food, snapping photos, and spending time with my favorite people. I have a goal to visit all 50 U.S. states, and I’m only 5 short of reaching it. I play a mean ukulele, and I’ve never met a piece of candy I didn’t like. In my past life, I lived in NYC as a musical theatre performer and sang and danced for a living. Now, I live in California with my husband Ryan and our babes Henry and Maggie.

fun facts about me:

  •  I spend way too much money at Target and I love a pair of fancy shoes – but I’ll never shop at JOANN without a coupon!
  • Carbs are my favorite food group with a particular penchant for the french fry and biscuit variety.
  • I hate the combination of mint and chocolate – it’s gross.
    Best song to sing at the top of my lungs? Alone by Heart. Hands down.


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new on my instagram

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